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breakfast & brunch

Come and try the best brunch in the centre of Seville.

SMALL  2,0€
LARGE  3,0€

There may be cross contamination in some of the products. In the event of any intolarance or good allergies, please let our staff know

juices & SMOOTHIES

freshly squeezed natural juices

BOWLS & yogur

The best bowls in the centre of seville

BAGELS and Snacks

The best bagels made with fresh and organic produce

TOSTAS & salads

Fresh and natural salads

tardeo de pecado

the best cakes 


Enjoy the best cocktails

teas and infusions

Selection of the world’s best teas

organic tea


green tea

blue tea

black tea

red tea


Calle General Polavieja 22, SEVILLA (Junto al Ayuntamiento)

 640 516 760